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FSU Phi Sigma Kappa Beta Septaton Chapter History

Our Chapter Founders
FSU Phi Sigma Kappa Beta Septaton Chapter

The founding of FSO Beta Septaton Chapter began to take root during Spring Rush of 1989. A group of men who were going through Florida States rush process had received bids from various fraternities, but found that they were not satisfied with the current Greek system on campus. Due to the fact that they felt these organizations did not represent the values they held dear, the men decided to decline their bids and remain independent. These men eventually began to bond and get to know one another throughout the course of the semester. One night while socializing, four of these men (Steven Stone, David Miller, Steven Nolan, and Oscar Ortiz) considered the idea of starting their own fraternity, reflective of their ideals and goals for their college experience — one that would fill the void that seemed to be missing in the fraternities already in place at the University.

Founded In 1989

By March of 1989, the men interested in the formation of this new fraternal organization now numbered several dozen. On March 3, 1989, Expansion Director, Jeff Ladinsky, coordinated the efforts of these men making them the Founding Fathers of the Beta Septaton Colony. Shortly thereafter, the first Executive Board was elected including President: Was Steven Stone, Vice-President: David Natale, Treasurer: David Miller, Secretary: Oscar Ortiz, Inductor: Marwan Saidi, and Sentinel: James Land.. Having now filled these offices, the Florida State University Interfraternity Council (IFC) formally recognized the Beta Septaton Chapter on March 13, 1989.

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