Phi Sigma Kappa FSU Spring Rush 2016




FSU Executive Board & Chairs

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternal CrestCongratulations to FSU Beta Septaton Chapter Phi Sigma Kappa Executive Board & Phi Sigma Kappa Chairs:

  • Phi Sigma Kappa Executive Board
    • President: Adam Wacks
    • External Vice President: Ryan Wilson
    • Internal Vice President: Mike Callejo
    • Treasurer: Alec Farmer
    • Secretary: Alec Taylor
    • Inductor: Cory Johnson
    • Sentinel: Matt Jakovich
    • Risk Manager: Michele Chiacchio
    • Member At Large: Austin Burch
    • Alumni Advisor: Matt Cazes
    • IFC Vice President of Public Relations: Jack Rio
  • Phi Sigma Kappa Chairs
    • Rush Chair: Tyler Kuhlman
    • T-Shirt Chair: Matt Jakovich
    • Brotherhood Chair: Ryan Yaffa
    • Social Chair: Jesse Morgan
    • Social Chair Assistant: Mo Weiner
    • Homecoming Chair: Josh Smith
    • Sorority Relations Chair: Tyler Kuhlman
    • Tailgate Chair: Dwayne Johnson
    • Social Media Chair: Austin Burch
    • IM Sports Chair: Andre Waterhouse
    • Internal Philanthropy Chair: Adam Rittersporn
    • External Philanthropy Chair: Jake Levine
    • House Manager: Tyler Carbonelli

    FSU Phi Sigma Kappa Executive Board 2015

    Top left to right: Alec Taylor, Mike Callejo, Ryan Wilson & Jake Tannenbaum
    Middle left to right: Alec Farmer, Adam Wacks & Mike Fielding
    Bottom left to right: Michele Chiacchio & Joey Ciacco

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